Acorn Promises

Promise 1

Never any more than 6 riders in a group - all same ability.

Promise 2

Never more than two lessons going on at the same time in separate arenas.

Promise 3

We operate peak time intervals

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What our Client’s say…

"I am so impressed with the overall care of all the animals at the Centre. It is so refreshing to see a yard of happy and healthy horses" Alison Kettering


Horse Profiles


Colour: Bay

Bonnie is a forward going mare. Enjoys all aspects of riding & hacking and has a real soft spot for Mickey.



Colour: Piebald

Pickles is a sweet mare who is adaptable for all ages and level of riders. She enjoys participating in adult equestrian courses that the centre offers.


Colour: Piebald

Toby is a lovable character, he loves attention and exploring the countryside. He is a good allrounder and especially excels at dressage and show jumping.


Height: 16.2hh
DOB: 1997
Colour: Bay

Katherine Dillon (proprietor) owns Bridget and they have both completed many seasons out hunting. She is currently not part of the Equestrian Centre however you will see her around!

Big Thomas

Height: 16.2hh
DOB: 2003
Colour: Dark Bay

Big Thomas has a huge personality with a big heart, a 5* allrounder willing to put his mind to a new challenge.


Height: 14.2hh
DOB: 2000

Colour: Grey Chesney loves to hack and get very dirty whilst out in the field with his friends! He is an experienced riding school pony and will happily teach people of all ages from lead rein to jump lessons.


Height: 16hh
DOB: 2002
Colour: Black

Mickey is a lovable character, enjoys all ability of riders and is a good allrounder. He loves to explore our 5* countryside. His second passion in life after riding is eating.


Height: 13.3hh
DOB: 1995
Colour: Strawberry Roan

Rainbow is a long-standing member of The Acorn Centre, Katherine has owned him since he was 3years old! He likes to teach children how to ride and is an experienced pony master!


Colour: Dapple Grey

Rosie likes a lot of attention, is suitable for all our ‘Little Acorns’ whether they are beginners or experienced riders. She is forward going and enjoys doing pony camp!



Height: 10hh
Colour: Skewbald

Fudge loves to be groomed and have a warm soapy bath during summer camps and pony days! He loves to teach all our little toddlers how to ride!

Mr Pickles

Height: 13.3hh
Colour: Bay

Mr. Pickles join the centre recently, he has settled in well and already become a firm favourite with our teenagers who like to jump. He also enjoys teaching our ‘Little Acorns’ the basics.


Height: 12.3hh
Colour: Bay

Scooby is another popular pony who loves to jump and enjoys doing Pony Club and Pony Camps!


Height: 8hh

Colour: Palomino
Teddy is best friends with Fudge and loves to be groomed and bathed. He enjoys taking part in Pony Camps and Pony Days, and loves to be lead out on walks.