Acorn Promises

Promise 1

Never any more than 6 riders in a group - all same ability.

Promise 2

Never more than two lessons going on at the same time in separate arenas.

Promise 3

We operate peak time intervals

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What our Client’s say…

"I am so impressed with the overall care of all the animals at the Centre. It is so refreshing to see a yard of happy and healthy horses" Alison Kettering


Pony Club Centre

From January 2016 Pony Club Rallies will be held every Sunday morning 11am – 12:30pm. All sessions will include a ride so the pricing will be a standard £21 for each Pony Club session you attend. ponypg3  We have now split groups for Pony Club according to the childs riding ability. The 1st Sunday session will be training for the Badge or Riding Certificate & the 2nd Sunday session will be the testing and rewarding of the Badge or Riding Certificate.


So going into January 2016, we have a new naming format for our general riders and Pony Club members. Your instructor will let you know which of these you are in (if it not already written at the top of this letter).

ponypg1 Welsh & New Forests

Falabellas & Exmoors 




Badge / progressive Test:


January 2017

Bandaging & Rugs Mini Badge 


February 2017

Progressive Test Bronze level 2 Training


March 2017

Sequence of Footfalls Mini Badge


April 2017

Progressive Test Bronze level 2 Test


May 2017

Intro to Dressage Badge


June 2017

Intro to Show Jumping Badge


July 2017

Field Safety Badge


August 2017 

Pony Camps with Stargazing Badge, 


September 2016

Riding & Road Craft Training 


October 2016

Riding & Road Craft Test 


November 2016

Plaiting Mini Badge & Mucking Out Catch up 


December 2016

Christmas Party (No Pony Club on the 18th December)



Not all of our Pony Club members are official PCUK members, however we now recommend for our members to be, we try to encourage this because when someone is not a official member they cannot gainpnonypg2 their PCUK badges, and riding awards. If your child is not a member or your membership had lapsed, please make sure they are aware of this. They all tend to have an expectation of earning a badge when they are being handed out etc..  Which is disappointing for them if not received.

For more information on becoming an official PCUK member please see:  members receive a nice little welcome pack with a badge  – speak to PCUK for this.

We hope you agree that these changes are required ad are a positive change for both our Pony Club members and also our general riders at Acorn Equestrian Centre. If you have any queries please fo not hesitate to speak to your instructor or any member of staff at Acorn Equestrian Centre.

If you wish to have your own Acorn Pony Club clothing please follow the link

Kind Regards

Charlie Brown – Pony Club DC