Terms of Use & Privacy

Terms of Use & Privacy

Acorn Equestrian Centre is committed to protecting and honouring your privacy rights. You have entrusted us with your personal information and we recognise our obligation to keep information about you secure and confidential.  Therefore, to protect and maintain this relationship, we have enacted this privacy policy to maintain the confidentiality of the information you have shared with us. Acorn Equestrian Centre collects certain non-public personal information, which means personally identifiable information about a person’s current or former relationship with us or any of our affiliated companies, entities or members.


Categories of customer information we may collect:

  • Any information you provide to us on any application, correspondence or other document.
  • Any information about transactions and/or membership experience with us.
  • Any information from outside sources.
  • Any other general information we obtain about you that is assembled for the determining your eligibility for membership, renewal of membership, continuing education or certification.
  • Examples of customer information that may be obtained may include but is not limited to name, organization, address, phone, email, website, fax, date of birth, profession, education and work experience, membership data, training, conferences attended, certification, volunteer activities, financial information including credit card and bank account, purchase and donation transactions, and tax identification numbers such as social security numbers and federal employer identification numbers.

Circumstances under which we share customer information: 

  • Employees of Acorn Equestrian Centre
  • Acorn Equestrian Centre affiliated bodies such as but not limited to The Pony Club.
  • IRS and other financial and legal entities for tax purposes, processing financial transactions, and valid legal processes such as subpoenas and court orders

Direct marketing:

We would like to keep you informed of valuable information, offers, and opportunities.  You can choose not to receive any information from us by direct mail, telephone and/or e-mail.  This preference applies to offers from us about products, services, and special offers, including any educational courses that we think may be of interest to you.  If you choose not to hear from us, you may not receive this information that may be of value to you including some of the following:

  • Communications to provide benefits and services of Acorn Equestrian Centre, such as newsletters and certification information
  • Communications such as mail, email, and phone to provide information on Acorn Equestrian Centre workshops, events, and products
  • Networking and collaborating for Acorn Equestrian Centre purposes, mission, and objectives

If you elect not to receive information by email, telephone or mail, you will continue to be contacted as necessary to service your account.

Limits on how we share information:

  • Acorn Equestrian Centre does not share, sell, or provide personal information to be used for purposes outside of Acorn Equestrian Centre.
  • All personal data (Hard & Electronic) copies of but not limited to Rider Registration Forms and Accident Forms are destroyed after a period of 7 years if you are no longer attending Acorn Equestrian Centre.

Photography Rights

  • During your time at Acorn Equestrian Centre employees may ask for your permission to take photos or films of yourself riding or handling the horses for marketing purposes and to use on our social media platforms such as Facebook. Any publication will be done with care and respect for those shown. You have the right to refuse this request. All material will be deleted once uploaded to social media platforms.
  • Members of Acorn Equestrian Centre Pony Club will also need to sign The Pony Clubs own Photograph disclaimer to indicate whether you wish The Pony Club to use photos Acorn Equestrian Centre employee take on their marketing and promotional materials.

Our security practices:

  • Acorn Equestrian Centre has safeguards, such as building security systems, electronic surveillance safeguards, and procedural safeguards for use of your personal information.  We restrict access to your information to those employees and members that have a legitimate business reason to conduct business on your membership. Please be aware, however, that despite our efforts, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable and no method of data transmission can be guaranteed against any interception or other type of misuse.

Limits on solicitations from us: 

  • You may contact us to stop mail, phone, email, or fax solicitations or communications from Acorn Equestrian Centre.


  • You may contact us if you feel this policy has been violated or with any concerns.
  • If this policy has been violated, Acorn Equestrian Centre employees may face disciplinary action.  Non-employees that obtain personal information but do not abide by privacy agreements will risk affiliation with Acorn Equestrian Centre.

Contact us:

Contact Us to request information on the data we have retained, make updates and correct errors, stop receiving information from Acorn Equestrian Centre, and express any concerns.