Seeds of Change

The Seeds of Change offer personal development and growth forsoc people of all ages, through the unique interaction between horse and human. In addition to learning through interaction with Horses. The seeds of Change are now able to broaden the Learning experiences offered at the Centre and include other rural activities, such as Horticulture, Small Animal care, Woodwork, Bush craft, Photography and Cooking/Healthy Living. Although we run programmes and Courses across the UK, The Acorn Centre provides a Center of Excellence, which is the hub of our business. The Seeds of Change is an Approved City and Guilds centre and works with schools and organisations across the region to offer accredited outcomes in land based and employ-ability Qualifications. Functional skills are also embedded in all the programme offerings. For those young people who struggle with the large and dispersonal mainstream approach, The seeds of change can make a real difference and ensures that the individuals needs are met and that progression is made, ensuring that the young person is more prepared for the post 16 training, work experience and subsequent employment.

  • In addition to the educational and personal growth programmes, The Seeds of Change also offer the Corporate world
  • Staff development courses.
  • Equine facilitated Learning (EFL) Coaching Days and weekends.
  • Childrens Adventure and Holiday Courses

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